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        ABOUT US


                Jiangxi Xinhang Precision Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. The company covers more than 120 mu, and it is situated in Xinjie industrial park in the China architectural ceramic industrial base, where is the junction of Bajing town, Xinjie town and Ducheng town.



        The company was established according to the management standard and idea of modern enterprise, and national environmental protection standard. It is a modern enterprise engaged in designing, casting and processing. At present, the company has two production lines of resin sand and precision casting wax mould, owns machining center and high-precision machining equipment. The company is capable of manufacturing million tons of engineering machinery accessories and various castings. On the basis of strict internal quality control standard, the product qualities have reached advanced level in China.

        1, Superior quality. Every supplier says their quality is good. But just a few of suppliers know how to control it. Firstly, the chemical composition should be very accurate based on weight, shape, and function. Secondly, the pouring process is the key. Technicists should control the temperature very carefully. Especially for big tooth, every pouring should stop 3-5 seconds, then the liquid steel can full in all space of tooth inside. Thirdly, the heat-treatment is also very important. The good heat-treatment can make the hardness and impact higher than standard. It also can make all space of products reach the same physical performance. Then it will not broken.

        2, Competetive price. Our company locates in middle of China. So we can get the cheaper workshop, hiring the lower salary workers. We use the saved money on mold developing and technology support. At the same time, customers can get better price.

        3, Fast mold developing. We are developing 30-50 molds each month now as customers' requirements. If we have no product which customer needs, we would develop mold very fast.

        4, Large capacity. Now our capacity is more than 1500 tons each month. The more capacity, the less cost for each product. More than 70% capacity is for exporting. We have very good reputation in many countries.

        5, Fast delivery. Depending on large capacity with 200+ workers, we can ship your container very fast. Time is Gold. 


        Enterprise spirit: integrity innovation professional and efficient

        Enterprise mission: to lead customer demand leading employees ideal bearing social responsibility

        Enterprise vision: to create engineering machinery accessories field's most trusted brand

        Core values: integrity and win-win innovation



        ADD:Gaoan City, Xingjie Town (Jiangxi Building Ceramics Industry Base)

        TEL:0795-2092988   2096588 

        FAX: 0795-2092688

        MOBILE: 13870557388


        E-mail: 1357600151@qq.com


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